The Story

Hello Gorgeous!  This brand began with the quest to make women's heels feel better. To feel more like running shoes with support, flexibility + cushioning, all built into effortless styles for work + travel.

The idea came to me while working in investor relations, wearing heels to work everyday. One day I got home, my feet throbbing in pain, saw my running shoes sitting at the front door and thought: I wish high heels could feel more like running shoes. I started to notice how often other women would complain about their heels and decided I might be the person to fix this problem. 

So I started sketching, cutting up shoes, and researching the possibilities. On a mission to change the way heels feel, I met with a lot of people, asked a lot of questions, and step-by-step the pieces started to come together. The original design concept, the SKIGH High Heel, has been tested (I personally test every style we offer), redeveloped and improved several times over to create what you see today: the look of a high heel, the feel of a running shoe.  

It gives me great pride to see women walking down the street in our shoes and to hear how great they make them feel. Women are the reason this all started and why I keep going. Every purchase and customer review is a vote towards making things better for women, by way of great shoes.

Enjoy the journey,