Shoe Care Tips

Leather Shoe Care Tips

SPRAY - First, we recommend spraying the leather with a spray waterproofer for leather and nubuck prior to wearing outdoors, especially during seasons of high precipitation. Leather/nubuck sprays are typically available at your local shoe repair/ shoe store. Use it on all leather/nubuck/suede shoes, to keep them happy over the long term. Defend your gorgeous shoes from the elements! 

CONDITIONOver time, leather can get a little dried out from wear and change in temperatures. Leather conditioner/cleaner products are also available at most shoe repair/shoe stores, and can be rubbed into the leather for a healthy refreshed look. Think of it as a moisturizer for your shoes. Applying it once or twice a year is sufficient.

REMOVE SCUFFS - If you get scuff marks on the shoes, typically on the toe or heel areas, they can be minimized by dipping a clean cloth in equal parts water + baking soda. Lightly rub the area, buffing it clean with a clean cloth. Scuff marks happen, but can typically be erased or minimized.

SALT STAINS - If salt stains occur, or in many climates, when they occur, they can be removed by wiping the area with equal parts water + white vinegar. Filling a spray bottle with the two liquids and keeping it on hand throughout the winter makes it easier. Once sprayed and washed, wipe clean with a damp cloth and air-dry away from any heat source.  

HEEL CAPS - With wear, heel caps (the rubber or plastic piece under the heel) naturally wear down and are meant to be replaced. Shoe repair shop have the materials for this and can replace them for you in about 1-2 days. This should be done before wearing them all the way down, to not damage the actual heel + covering. Heel caps slowly wear down as you walk, and getting new ones keep shoes looking sharp and at the proper height for balance.

TRAVELWhen packing your shoes in a travel bag, you can put socks in the toe area to maintain their shape. Use your fabric dust bag (that comes in our shoe boxes) to store and protect them, keeping them lovely upon arrival.