We started this company because we believe all your shoes should feel good. Not just your running shoes, but your heels as well. Inspired by the feeling of running shoes, you can enjoy soft, quiet steps inside beautiful everyday styles.

Based in Chicago, and made in Brazil and Colombia, we serve women worldwide with easy online ordering and friendly customer care.

Founder, Chelsea Jones

Behind the Brand

Growing up as an athlete, I changed from running shoes into high heels for work in communications.

One day I got home from work, feet throbbing in pain, saw my running shoes at the front door, and thought: What if high heels could feel more like running shoes? 

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Inspired by Running Shoes


Ultra cushioned insoles, arch support, and rubber outsoles combine to give you softer, quieter strides.


JONESOLE™ flexible rubber soles have 5mm raised traction pads to cushion, flex, and absorb impact as you walk.


Heels, wedges and flats offer structure and support under your heel area to provide smooth, steady steps.


Frequently Asked Questions