About Chelsea Jones

Hello Gorgeous!

This brand began with a quest to make women's heels feel better. To feel more like running shoes with support, flexibility + cushioning built-in. To make getting dressed for work easy.

The 'Running-Shoe Heel' idea started while wearing heels to work everyday. I was working in investor relations, and one day I got home - feet throbbing in pain - saw my running shoes at the front door and thought: what if heels could feel more like running shoes? Growing up as an athlete, I realized that some of the components in athletic shoes could be translated over to the dress shoe department to make heels feel and function better.

On a mission to change the way heels feel, I started sketching, researching and observing women in their work shoes. As my drawings came together, I wasn't sure how or where to get them made. I saw an ad for a materials show in Portland, Oregon (the home of athletic shoes) and felt it could be the next step. There, I met a footwear agent who introduced me to my first factories in Brazil, which led to starting the first prototypes and products.

With many steps along the way, the best part has been going from drawing to prototype, to seeing the shoes in action, on women's feet. Launched in February 2013 (as Ciel Bleu), the original concept SKIGH High Heel, has been tested, redeveloped and improved several times over to create what you see today: the look of a high heel, the feel of a running shoe.  

It gives me great pride to see women wearing and loving the shoes. Women are the reason I first started and the inspiration behind every design decision. It’s all about creating those perfect go-to shoes sitting at the front door, ready to go when you are.

Enjoy the journey, 

Chelsea Jones
Co-Founder + Creative Director