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Chelsea Jones shoes are made in premium small-scale, family-run factories in Brazil and Colombia who operate with ethical manufacturing practices. We select factories who align with our values of respect: respect for people, respect for quality and respect for the environment. 

Working closely with the shoemakers and design team on each style is the most fun and integral part of the business. Starting with many ideas for a new shoe, we refine those ideas down and test different components and materials to come to a solution that looks and feels best. Every millimetre matters. The teamwork and thoughtful details behind each design are what make our shoes so enjoyable. 

We are inspired by the components and materials used in athletic shoes because they add more comfort, quality and performance. It's about refining those materials to work well in everyday dress shoes. The mission is for women to feel good at work, travel, and everywhere in between. 

We hope you enjoy the journey in your shoes.